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I still can't summon up the emotional fortitude to watch Poirot: Curtain. One of my earliest memories is curling up with an aunt who has since died watching The Affair at the Victory Ball and since then, I've cherished it so much. So, instead, I have been watching other things:

Miss Fisher: Meh... I love that Miriam Margolyes is in it, but she's only there for like 2 episodes and the rest is soo...sooo...I dunno...it strains my disbelief. She saves every waif, unemployed person, girl who happens to have the same name as her dead sister, blah blah. I was rooting for Dot to kill her and take her place. I suffered through the first season...

Midsomer Murders: Couldn't get into it. It has it's funny moments, but I think because it was British, I kept expecting Poirot to show up and school those mofos.


No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency: This was a rewatch. I fucking love this show. BOO! HISS! HOO! They only made 1 season...and I yet to have found someone else who watched this show so I can't discuss Mr. JLB Matekoni. Go siame, No. 1 Ladies, go siame.

Murdoch Mysteries: What the fuck am I watching? Telsa's in Toronto helping some dude with suuuch pretty hair solve who killed a pregnant pageant winner? I was on the fence...until a secondary character tried to ask a girl out, but when she was like "I don't want to!" (cuz he arrested her earlier, he asked out her dog instead...and proceeded on an adorable date with the dog.

Is this one good, gentle GTers? Is there another on Netflix or Amazon that I should check out?

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