It’s time for good things!

So, after the shit-show that was last weekend, I finally (somewhat) recovered -thanks to a gentle nudge from my Pdoc who suggested that it was okay to take some of the ritalin he prescribed to give me some energy to DO stuff instead of stay in bed. I called earlier this week because, shit, I was super afraid that it would get dangerous in terms of how bad I felt i.e. past suicidal depression).

So GOOD things thread - I need to remind myself (and you should remind yourself too!) of all the good things that you are doing for yourself.

Here is my small list:

- I finally got all the paperwork done for my consumer proposal last week *

- I decided to finally just make myself all the clothing I’ve wanted to make myself for the last few years, I’m a kickass seamstress, but didn’t make anything because I wanted to lose weight. I decided screw that, I’m going to make some dammit!


- I started to exercise and am doing a version of low carb diet with intermittent fasting. I have lost 4 inches around my waist and 10 lbs in 6 weeks. ** (And if the clothes I make are too big in a few months, I’ll just take them in!)

- I asked an amateur photographer (who is one of the nice people in the swing dance community - there are some lovely people) to take some pictures of me next week to 1) to showcase all the clothes I make for myself and 2) cause I want pretty pictures of me to put up on social media. I’m doing it JUST FOR ME because I want to. I encourage all of you to do the same!***


What good things have you done for yourself lately?

*Fyi: it’s a step up from bankruptcy, you pay partially back to your creditors through a trustee. My credit will be bad for a long time, but oddly, I don’t care? I’ve gotten used to life without credit cards in the past 6 months, I already own my apartment (and even if I didn’t, would lack of home ownership be so bad?), I have a car, I have a job. I’m living within my means. I don’t have much disposable income, so very little going out for dinner, no fancy vacations, etc. But, again, it’s fine - it’s amazing how just stopping the attempts to “keep up with the Joneses” and living frugally is oddly freeing. And thankfully, some of the other hobbies I have (sewing clothes and knitting/crochet) aren’t that expensive because I’ve always shopped discount for fabric and yarn.


**It started 6 weeks ago, initially with 30 minutes of walking a day to get myself slowly back into it, and now I’m doing daily Fitness Blender workouts (I paid the $15 for their 8 week program). I’ve added in a low card diet (STEAK AND BACON all the time! Ha no,more like in reasonable amounts with lots of salad -and I eat fruit because there was no way I was giving up fresh fruit during the summer - we get strawberries/blueberries/rasberries). Mostly I gave up pasta, bread and sugar (and I don’t really eat much grains/legumes in general). I’ve coupled it with intermittent fasting (I eat only 1 meal two days a week with lots and lots of water) because I’m vain and I want to lose weight and it’s actually not that hard with all the fat and protein in the diet. Physcially I feel great because my I can feel that my blood sugar is stable. Working out and being active has also helped obviously. I also just love the Fitness Blender videos, they kick my butt (I still can’t do a full video, I need to skip some of the exercises still), I put my own music and the couple that produces them is just so positive and non-body shaming and realistic. If you’re like me and need more structure, spend the $15 on their programs, each day on your calendar it gives you the video to do, and I don’t have to worry about which muscles groups I should be working out, should I do HIIT, etc. Highly recommended!

***I don’t have any nice pictures of me, beyond pictures at weddings when I was a bridesmaid. I was always kinda jealous of those photoshoots that engage coupled have before their wedding (I also think they are kinda ridiculous? People look really awkward most of the time, kissing in meadow or industrial areas). He’s really great, gave me a nice rate because he knows I’m broke ($80 for an hour shoot and +/- 5 retouched final pictures in a location of my choice. For me, this was a big one, it’s a bit of a stretch financially right now, but doable, and like a lot of people, I just want some nice pictures of myself but never had the reason (i.e. getting married/engaged/babies).