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What, no OT yet today?!

How’s your week starting, GT?

Me, I’ve spent the morning on the phone with the clinic billing office and my insurance company related to my transition care. I’m supposed to get a refill of hormones today, so this is...um...slightly stressful?

On the plus side, it felt so good to wake up with shepard’s pie, black beans and rice and two frittatas all cooked and ready to go for the next couple weeks worth of dinners. My goal is to just spend the weekend cooking two weekends a month, so when I have the inevitable emotional and physical crash (the last one last month lasted two solid weeks), there’s plenty of healthy food prepared and I don’t have to have pizza or Chinese food delievered out of desperation. And my kitchen is clean!


I also have a consultation call with my business coach in a bit. I’m pretty excited about starting my own business in a field I have a decade of experience in, working from home, and being mentored by an amazing woman who’s been doing it for 35 years. This feels like the perfect fit for where I’m at in life.

And if your week isn’t starting off well, remember what they told me in resilience training in the army: “hunt for the good stuff!”

I wish a lovely week to all of you lovelies!

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