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I have a G+ account, mainly since i have a Google account and they're trying to force you into G+ to do anything. There dosen't seem to be a Picasa app anymore, so if you have pics saved to the Picasa cloud you need the G+ app. I have friends there and some online personalities like Jason Pullara, aka Lord Kat, use streams games on Twitch and does different shows about tech and the game industry. He seems to have pulled out of social media quite a bit and i only see him occasionally post on Twitter.

Speaking off, i have one and it's @dyloniusfunk if you want to follow me. I do a lot of reading on there but rarely post anymore. I follow accounts like my favorite teams like The Red Sox, sports networks, the MST3K guys, online video makers and others.

I do have a LinkedIn account i created to try to network profesisonally but i never get on anymore. And if we want to go way back, i had a Live Journal back in 2002 that i think is still up....ah here it is. It's funny, i planned to use that thing a lot and my last post was a couple of months before my dad was paralzyed. After that, i never really cared much and i haven't posted since. It's kind of like finding stuff you wrote in college or high school.

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