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We went to the mall. I wanted to use my buy 2 get one free preowned games at Gamestop. I have until December 31 but once Black Friday roles around forget it all the best used games will be bye-bye. I got Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop, Disney Magical Kingdom and Scribblenauts DC Unmasked (a puzzle word game). All 3ds games. I saved a lot being an Elite Member the bill came to about $49.95 but I got 20 percent off right away as an elite member then I used my 2 for 1 deal. It came to $27 dollars. The games were $19.95, $14.95 and $14.95 presavings.

At the grocery store before we came prior to the mall I bought a marked down Chicken Salad wrap (rather small) for 99 cents plus an Orange Soda for 50. I also bought at the mall noodles at the food court so we split the sandwich and noodles, plus brought some noodles him. It was the Chinese LoMein noodles. The cook it fresh but its sheer luck on the amount of sauce they out on, sometimes its too salty and sometimes too little and its dry. Very good overall.

So we found a place to park it was in the Sears lot. As we walked in. I had the sandwich in one jacket pocket the soda in the other.


. Now we rarely buy from Sears. I heard two women circa 60s upset at the clerk. I heard one woman say that they have been in line for a long time when suddenly the clerk wandered off to help a customer. Now instead of either apologizing or explaining nope he said “No big deal”. I cringed and thought you young foolish idiot (he was about 20).

Yup. You do not need to guess. They were now very mad and repeated what he said back to him and said they were waiting 30 minutes and asked for his name and managers name. . My mother and I were literally the only customers around besides these two. I assume either there was a long line and they were at the end or he spent a lot of time with the other customer.

My mother missed what he said. I told her and she said if he said that to a friend of hers (MF). Who I also know and have known since a wee baby. They knew each other before my mother got married or got pregnant with me. My mother said “good thing he did not say it to (MF) or there would have been hell to pay.”. I said “oh yeah”. She then said “MF would have insisted that the manager come right that second and would not have taken no or a second delay”. Yup “hell to pay” and we would have loved to have seen it.

So do not say to a customer “no big deal”.

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