...the first fuckin' night! Are you kidding me?!

I just got home from the first night of one of my summer classes. It's Comp. I, so mostly first year college students, a mixture of 18-year-olds and returning adults.

During our "get to know ya" portion of class, one of the younger students mentioned she's writing a novel. Trying to be nice and encouraging, I asked, "Oh, how far along are you?"

And the 18-year-old responded, "That's such an interesting question from someone who's never written a novel." Huh.

Yeah, we were maybe 16 minutes into class at this point and it was her first time meeting me.



She talked to me after class and, as it turns out, she hasn't actually "written anything down" for her novel, but she's been "working on it" for five years.


So, I guess it's an interesting answer from someone who's never written a novel, eh?