Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

What [not?] to wear to a burlesque show?

Call the press, Mr. Bird and I are going on an actual DATE NIGHT and we have a BABYSITTER and will be home AFTER MIDNIGHT and everything. Whoah!

We’re going to a burlesque show that is at a small local club, hosted/sponsored by a small local vintage shop owned by a friend of ours. I have a feeling the demographic is going to skew a bit younger than us (we are midthirties) in a super casually-dressing area and I don’t want to look like someone’s mom but I also don’t want to try too hard and I ALSO have never been to a burlesque show! What do I wear!


Wardrobe notes: I live in the South, I *might* have to wear a jacket but no other concessions to winter dressing necessary.

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