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What person would wreck this kitchen

My mother was watching HGTV or as I call it “whiny tv”. All these folks do is complain. Ugh. Well I said well at least no one would destroy our kitchen nor whine. My mother believes they would demolish it since folks like new stuff. I said no.

Picture this.

An orange counter. Vintage from 1970s.

Wood cabinets that goes above the counters except for the sink and cabinets over the stove.


Copper tiles above the stove and forms a splash for the rest of counter and sink Vintage copper tiles from 1960s mid.

Piece of resistance that one would be crazy to remove. The wall oven. Its really a tall narrowish cabinet which holds the oven. Wall stoves are expensive, The cabinet is from the mid 60s oven is just 25 years old.


Linoleum floors from kitchen to family room. I cringe everytime I hear complants about tile linoleum floors. They are so easy to clean.

I could understand a person wanting a new stove and oven. But to get rid of a vintage counter, wall cabinet for oven and copper tiles just makes no sense. How many homes have orange counter? Not many. Why? No clue.


Anyone have a wall oven? If we downsize this is a must.

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