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(Solved) It’s called “Darkest Night”. 

For the life of me I can’t remember the name of a podcast I listened to a few months ago based on a rec from a fellow GTer, and I want to recommend it to a friend.

The first few episodes followed a set of adult siblings who were playing a game setup by their deceased father. Basically, they had to kill each other to see who would inherit the company. The winner was one of the sisters.


The next episodes centered on a younger woman who was working for the company. She worked with the bodies of deceased people who were either employees, or somehow linked to an employee. They would use their eyes to relive their last few days. I remember one of the stories was from a baby. The babies father worked for the company and set something up to make the mom think she was going crazy and to get rid of the baby. The mom would hear talking on the baby monitor, but nobody was actually there. If I remember correctly, there were disturbance to the babies bed and a dead bird was even found once. Eventually she found a hidden room in her closest and she found her baby deceased. The young woman would see these events and became suspicious of the company and where the bodies were coming from. Anyone who got to suspicious of the company would end up dead, and one of the doctors the woman worked with was eventually killed.

There were other stories that involved someone being locked in his apartment with his spouse and someone on the phone calling them and telling them to not leave their apartment or open the door to anyone, even if they claim to know them. Someone claiming to be the guys brother came to the door, and the guy and his spouse argued over whether or not they should open the door. I can’t recall what else happened, but all the stories had some trippy components to them, like going to a job interview at the company and it turning into something freaky.

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