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What? (racism? racism. racism?)

Yesterday I posted a few pictures of my husband on Facebook doing the obligatory birthday shout out to him, and someone from my office texted me and was like, “hey I meant to ask you, is your husband Hispanic?”

No...he’s just a white guy. He has black hair and green eyes and rosey cheeks. We pretty much just do white people stuff.

The question was weird because:

  1. Why does this work acquaintance I don’t know very well need to know the ethnic makeup of my husband. You planning some genocide?
  2. “Meant to ask you” implies, to me, you’ve had this on your mind. Weird! You’ve been thinking about this? I mean, she’s met him before.
  3. Just...what?
  4. This person is around my age (lower 30s), seems relatively liberal, and is not a social weirdo. So, in short, she’s not some old lady being like DID YOU MARRY A MEXCAN!?!!?
  5. We have a few Hispanic people in our office so it’s not like...she doesn’t know any...
  6. There is no professional reason she’d need to know this (I don’t even know what that would look like but I felt like I needed to clarify that, haha).

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