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What real-life creepy have you experienced?

I've been reading through all the old threads of spooky stories from the mainpage, so I'm unlikely to sleep ever again. I've found that some of the most interesting ones are those about real-life experiences with creepy/strangely behaving people. Sometimes humans are scarier than the supernatural. SHARE WITH ME.

Here's mine: Years and years and years ago, I used to live in a big city in New England and shared a house with three other women my age. One had irregular work hours, one was out of town for an extended time, but the other girl and I had jobs which required us to get up early. One day in late November, when the sun is late to rise and it's gray and rainy, I got up to eat my breakfast and moseyed downstairs.


The one roommate casually mentioned that someone had been knocking on the front door for the last hour. It was 6 am and pouring rain. I asked if she were sure as I walked towards the front door. The front door was one of those wood-and-frosted glass contraptions, so I couldn't see out. We had stupidly placed a wreath over the outside eye-hole, so no seeing out. And, sure enough, there was a barely audible tap...tap...tap on the door. It was faint, but definitely there. I started freaking out at the roommate: Why didn't you call the police? It's been going on for an hour?! We need to leave in ten minutes and face whatever is out there! There had been a few incidents lately of someone pushing down women and molesting them in our neighborhood so I wasn't about to open the door. We called the cops, but by the time they got there no one was around. They did a few loops around the neighborhood but no one was really up and about except us. Our neighborhood was kind of dodgy and it left us on edge that whoever it was had disappeared.

I finish my routine, get in my car, and get a few blocks away when I realize I forgot some papers at home. I circle around, pull onto my block, and THERE IS SOMEONE KNOCKING ON MY DOOR. I'm no longer scared—the sun is up, I'm late for work and I'm PISSED, so I march up to the door.


It was the sleeping roommate's ex. He kept repeating he needed to see her, he needed to see her, he just had to know she was okay. He had apparently been quietly tapping on our door for three hours.

Since this is polite company I won't tell you exactly what I told him, but I'm sure his ears were ringing for days.

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