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What Reindeer Games Do You Play?

I was just finishing up wrapping my cousin's gift for Christmas when I realized something: most people would probably think we are a group of huge assholes.

You see, while we do the whole "up with family and carols" but that most people are used to, my family LIVES to play practical jokes on Christmas. LIVES FOR IT. Every year is a contest of oneupmanship to see who can fake out someone else the most with their gift giving, or who can come up with the best White Elephant gift. Actually, until I had the embarrassment of bringing a joke gift to someone else's "white elephant" party, I had no idea people took those things seriously (sorry to whoever got my video collection of Jane Fonda's workouts).


This year, my entries into the contest are a puzzle gift for my cousin (6 layers to get to the gift, including several red herrings), a DVD titled Thundering Mantis, and a Star Trek Voyager press kit from 1995. While I think it's a good showing, I'm going up against my dad, who is a master of the fake out, and my mom, mistress of disguise when it comes to making bad gifts look beautiful with wrapping, elaborate ribbons, and bow work. My brother often steals the show with joke grenade gifts.

What traditions/games/food fights do you do with your family?

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