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What’s For Dinner (OT)

I made this Instant Pot Tuscan Chicken by Amy & Jacky. It is amazing. I ate it over zucchini noodles. Tomorrow I’m planning on taking it with some low carb Healthy Noodles. I would have preferred those tonight, but I only have one pack left and I’m thinking they will travel better than zucchini. Next time, I will throw in more than one cup of spinach.


Tomorrow, I’m thinking about throwing out the low carb non-sense and making this French Onion Mac & Cheese from Delish. I will have to use GF macaroni and GF flour, but I have those on hand.

I bought all the cheese tonight and may grate everything up after Mr. Moxie leaves for work.

So what are you cooking? Planning to cook? Have you found some interesting recipes you haven’t tried yet?

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