I live in a condo. The building doesn't have a non-smoking policy for the units, but people are prohibited from smoking in the common areas, and there are also several rules relating to nuisance.

My downstairs neighbors smoke, a lot. Normally, I can get rid of it by opening my windows and airing it out. This weekend, however, it would not dissipate. The entire weekend. I think they chain smoked from Saturday morning through this morning. They are tenants and we own our place. They don't even open their windows when they smoke.

This is a problem because I have migraines triggered by cigarette smoke. I had one Saturday and it was so bad that my Sumatriptan didn't help. I had to cancel plans with friends and sleep on the couch, because my bedroom was so smoky and it was exacerbating my migraine.

I can't decide if I should submit a written complaint to the condo board straight away or if I should write the tenants a note. If I am submitting a written complaint, I have until tomorrow morning to lodge the complaint for Saturday. What would you do?