When hedgehim and I came back into our apartment complex, there was a Chihuahua chilling right next to the parking lot (he came out from behind a car and we thought we might hit him.) I got out of the car and asked some people nearby, but he didn't belong to them. After a few minutes, a girl came up and said she see the dog regularly running around to do its business and that he probably goes back to an apartment.

I think it's totally irresponsible to let a dog with no collar out of your sight, and I want to do something, short of calling animal control (although that seems to be my only option that I can think of.) Poor dog ownership is one of my boiling points, and I am raging a bit right now. Any way I can feel like I've done something constructive? Perhaps alert the property management?

He was a very skittish Chihuahua, otherwise I would have tempted him to come home with me and figured things out a bit more.