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What should I have done instead (tw for talk of concerns about violence)

I got off the train and in the stairwell leading up the the train platform a man was screaming at and threatening a woman. I stood at the top of the stairs and thought for a minute about going down the other stairs because it felt unsafe. But I felt I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t make sure she was okay. Last night a woman was killed by her ex boyfriend in Brooklyn - in front of her mother. I felt I needed to intervene. I went down and just stopped and asked if she needed help. She said no.

He started screaming at me and calling me horrible names and threatening me. I tried to get away and he came after me screaming at me and threatening me the whole time.


I went to the MTA transit kiosk and asked the employee to help - and he waved me off. In the meantime the man went back to screaming at the woman. People just walked by doing nothing. I asked the employee to call security bc I was worried about her and he did nothing.

The man came out and saw me and started screaming at me again - came over to me and was physically aggressive (never touched me). No one did anything. There were a lot of people around and no one did anything. In the meantime, she got away - so that was good.


I got away and walked home - sobbing the whole time. I was just so scared. I could hear him still at the transit stop screaming at whomever.

I don’t know what I should have done. Please tell me so I can handle it better if this ever happens again.

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