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Welcome To The Bitchery

I just finished The Girl on the Train. I loved it. I’ve also read Gone Girl and loved that too. I thought about trying one of Gillian Flynn’s other books but (1) can’t tell if they are just a smidge TOO dark/unpleasant, (2) I want one where I can buy the Kindle version and as a result be able to buy the Audible for a discounted price and then use the Whispersync functionality, and it looks like you can’t do that with her other books. I listen to the Audible version on my commute and when doing other things at home, but like to be able to switch back and forth to actually reading on the Kindle.

If I loved these two books and are looking for something somewhat similar, what would you recommend? What I liked most about those books was the unfolding of the “what actually happened” story, and I also liked having multiple narrators giving their own versions of events (that’s not a requirement but fed into the “what happened?” part very well). I can deal with unpleasant/grisly things but in general that stuff is an unwanted but tolerable byproduct of liking suspenseful stories for me, since crimes, etc. are often described in detail.


Any suggestions?

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