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Welcome To The Bitchery

What should I watch?

Once again I come before you seeking your infinite wisdom to answer a question of the ages. What the heck should I watch tonight?

Boobieguy is out to a concert so I have the tv all to myself. As delighted as I am, it seems I’m stuck in Netflix limbo. I feel like everything that’s half funny I’ve seen already, or isn’t available. Earlier this week I spent my evening watching the documentary Unspent (which you should watch if you like gutwrenching and insightful documentaries) and spent basically the whole night bawling my eyes out. It was good, but not quite what I’d like to repeat. So I’m looking for something fun & lighthearted, but it seems like Netflix is all out of that these days.

  • To all the boys I’ve loved before = Seen it.
  • Sierra Burgess is a loser = Seen it.
  • Set it up = Seen it.
  • I feel pretty = Not on dutch Netflix yet.

What do I do? Am I just going to end up watching Birdbox or some shit out of boredom? That won’t be so great for my brain. Boy do I miss the days when Netflix smart tv app had category browsing. Some of my options are:

  • The edge of seventeen
  • Man up
  • Isn’t it romantic
  • Like father
  • Bad moms (I’m not a mom, I’m not sure if its really my thing)
  • What to expect when you’re expecting
  • Despicable me 2?

That really seems to be all there is.. What do I watch folk? What have you enjoyed lately? Save me from myself before I turn on some bad horror or terribly sad movie and I either scare myself out of sleeping or cry the night away :P

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