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What should I watch next?

I have tried the websites out there that promise to answer this question, and mehhh. I am hoping you lovely folks can help me out with some recommendations!

I am looking for something similar to these: Game of Thrones, Wolf Hall, The Borgias, and the documentary series Monarchy. So, political machinations in a historical or fantasy setting. The more scheming the better! I’ve seen some of Reign and some of the Tudors, and I am NOT thinking of anything quite so...well. Just look up Mary’s outfits from Reign and you’ll see what I mean. Not to be a huge snobby snob snob, but Reign is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. It’s fun, but it’s also painfully stupid. And I didn’t really like the Tudors either.


Of the aforementioned shows, I would probably prefer something the most like Wolf Hall in tone—subtle, rather than constant gore and rape and unnecessary torture scenes. Does such a thing exist?

If not, your favorite political scheming show, any time period. Of course I’ve seen House of Cards, but anything else in that line would be appreciated. For some reason, the recommendation websites kept telling me to watch Downton Abbey and Mad Men—I’ve seen enough of both shows to know that I am not going to watch either all the way through. No offense to those who love them! I just couldn’t handle the back-and-forth with Mary and Matthew in Downton Abbey, and Mad Men makes me feel depressed. Oh and I also didn’t love Scandal because it bothered me how she seemed so weepy over her bizarre love for the president. I just can’t really get behind a protagonist who is all maudlin about the POTUS—I think Lucrezia Borgia getting with her brother was almost less weird!

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