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I recently got into the Walking Dead. And I cannot stop thinking about it.

How would I defend my home from the Walkers? Other people? Would I rely on guns, swords, pipes, archery? Would I be badass like Daryl? Or badass like Michonne?

I'll finally have a use for the spare sheetrock, tires and pegboard in the garage! I should buy some nails...


How come tank tops in the apocalypse fit so well? Ooh! I could loot my local Home Goods and TJ Maxx!

Even though the Weis is closest, it sucks. So I'll definitely have to walk the extra 0.5 mile to Safeway. Why wouldn't people just live in the local grocery store, anyway?

How can anyone get surprise attacked by a zombie? They're slow as shit, have rot for brains and constantly growl. Slow. Stupid. Noisy. Getting killed by one is just Darwin's Law of Natural Selection.

I'll miss the internet but get to catch up on all the reading.

The only direction anyone should walk in is towards the coast. It's not rocket science, Grimes!


At least once a day I think about the zombie apocalypse as if it could really happen.

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