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Welcome To The Bitchery

So Staples created a pretty cool quiz where you can find out your reading speed and how it stacks up against the national average and some other benchmarks like 3rd grader and college professor.

What speed do you read?

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I recommend clicking the gear before you start and upping the length of the text a bit. It's easier to read more quickly once you have a chance to sink in a bit, I find. The initial setting actually made my score far lower!

Also, click 'next page' after it gives you the initial score because it will tell you how quickly you could read a bunch of classic novels. (The following 'next page' is where they try to sell you an e-reader).


My result was 654 words per minute.

So, how quickly do you read?

BRB, going to go read War and Peace in 16 hours.

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