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Here’s my contribution, from a dude who goes to the same karaoke bar as me. His mom is a cop. He posts things like this at least once a day, sometimes six or eight in a row.

Him: It’s really that easy!


Me: Sorry, but it’s not always: link to police dashcam video of black man shot for getting his wallet out of his car at the officer’s request

Him: Oh but it is! A very simple concept , just respect authority ! Simple... Media and videos are not credible

Maybe the day will come when I will be a grownup who can walk away from a facebook fight.



You won’t get me face !!! I will not transform to the liberal politically correct tree hugging hippy crap ! I love all people but I stand for something ... And that’s what most people are afraid of !


Man I could post videos and quotes and parts of history too but would it matter ? Nope!

Cuz while so many have something to say to contradict what is only from the heart , they are unseen when something really tragic happens! Where’s your comments then ???


To my Stars and Stripes , I am sorry ! We can’t educate this world anymore! Freedom has been taken advantage of , giving the freedom to undermine the the greatness of this land !

Please no more videos and media bullshit ! I post here my feelings and hope that people can come together! Not contradict everything they do not understand! This has been going on for some time and it makes me sad!


America I love you and I don’t want to lose you, but I keep comfort with God that we built ourselves under His grace !

And to the easily conformed and influenced .... Most of my brothers and sisters are trying to do the right thing, so get off your keyboard , stand up and thank somebody ! It’s amazing how much will change if we accomadate the common courtesy!

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