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How about a game for some perspective? I'm going to list three things that suck today and follow them with three things that absolutely rock. This is an exercise in feeling less sorry for myself and focusing on the positive. :)

What Sucks

  1. I'm hurting, and it hasn't yet been 8 hours since the dose of Aleve I needed at 5am in order to sleep. Ouchie IUD day number three!
  2. I haven't seen Fellow in a month, and ouchiness may mean little physical intimacy this trip. :(
  3. I'm at my folks' house while they're attempting to get the house ready for market, and everything is total blanking chaos. It's overwhelming.

What Rocks!!

  1. I get to see Fellow today! In only a few hours!!! :) :) :)
  2. I rescued "Vindication of the Rights of Women" from my mom's pile of books to donate. This chick wrote a feminist manifesto in freaking 1792 and was called a "hyena in petticoats." I cannot wait to read this on the plane.
  3. Being in too much pain to have sex means I don't have to make everything look perfect vulva-wise, and feeling ouchie is the perfect excuse not to go to the gym. Silver linings.

How about you guys?

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