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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What. The. Eff.

So, I found Dance Moms: Collection on Netflix today. And seriously-what the everloving fuck you guys? Like, does every costume need to be smaller and "sassier"(read, more pole-dancy) than the one before? And where are the Dads/husbands? Like- they never seem to be talked about/ show up at these competitions to support these little kids. And how much time and or money is getting poured onto these special snowflakes? Hasn't Nia's mom said shit about having other kids? Isn't she also a principal or headmaster or someodd? Honestly, can't people just do activities without it having to lead to being famous? Can kids not dance because it's fun? Also- where the fuck are they getting the goddamn music? Is there like a factory for vague pop songs? I have yet to hear one song I recognize. Has ASCAP said "no" to little girls gyrating to Beyonce or Britney Spears or Nirvana? So many questions, so much drama.


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