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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What the Ever Loving Fuck?

Am a little tipsy. White Russians!!!!!

So, we were all set to be eloped in DC!

But, no, GuyJinx doesn't wanna. So fine, Cape Cod, but GuyJinx is like meh about everyplace.


Male Bestie is like "Dude, Vegas!"

And I was like "GuyJinx! Dude! Vegas!"

It'll be more pricey, but that way, my folksies, both sets of my besties come. 90% his folks and sister, maybe some of his friends.




Jinxie feels guilty about having her friends and not his. Male Bestie made a fortune selling internet company, his gf doesn't work; female bestie has extra cash and is always down to Vegas. His friends don't have as much disposable income.


Also! Do we need so many pix? 95? That seems a lot.

Ugh. Who want to plan a Jinxieful wedding and just have us show up?

ETA: And nothing can really be planned until my dad's doctor appt where they decide if he has to have open heart surgery. And then, I'd want to be married right away, but I can see my mom not wanting that and saying I need to calm down and he'll be fine. Ugh!!!

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