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Welcome To The Bitchery

What the Fuck?!

I teach, and tonight I had to go to the PTO to ask for money to help pay for a student-designed mural.


The mural is beautiful—historical figures, representative quote, bright and vivid colors. I was so proud that students created this, and it was voted on by other adults with artistic backgrounds as the best mural of our entries. My principal is on board with the design and thinks it would be a great addition to campus.

So I about had a rage stroke when two of the moms of the PTO spoke up:

Mom #1: Are there any white people in the mural? This gives the campus an urban vibe...I don't know how else to say that.


Bitch, that's because the word you're not saying is "black"—you are racist as fuck, and your coded words can't hide that.

Mom #2: *Asks about the symbolism, and we explain* *Looks at the rainbow in the background of the mural* What does the rainbow represent?


Us: Unity, that everyone is represented in our community.

Mom #2: Is that all? It doesn't represent...gay?

Daaaaaaammmmmmnit. *dies a little*

Luckily, there were non-racist and non-homophobic people there to redirect and soothe those concerns, but jesus christ. I couldn't even handle it.

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