From Gawker’s MP:

Selected highlights:

You should have kids. Not because it’s fun, or rewarding, or in your evolutionary self-interest. You should have kids because it’s your moral duty to do so.

Do go on.

Most people live lives that are, on net, happy.

Ok, so this is satire, right?

For them to never exist, then, would be to deny them that happiness. And because I think we have a moral duty to maximize the amount of happiness in the world, that means that we all have an obligation to make the world as populated as can be.


...I don’t think this is satire

Of course, we should see to it that we do not overpopulate the planet in a manner that threatens the future existence of mankind. But we’re nowhere near that point yet

We’re not? Have you read the news lately?

We have an obligation to go on with humanity, as long as we can, and as long as we create future individuals who live lives worth living.


Humanity! RAH RAH HUMANITY! It can do no wrong!

The popular idea that we may do as we see fit when we conceive children, as long as there is no one there who can make a legitimate complaint against us, is mistaken.

I apparently have to apologize to the dozen or so spawnlings I could have had if I’d been moral enough to start breeding as soon as I passed menarche.

Of course, we should see to it that we do not by our procreative choices make existing lives worth not living nor make lives worth not living.


Oh, ok, so I only have to have children until the thought of having more makes me want to kill myself. THEN I can stop.

But in many cases, having more kids is clearly better.


A glorious future awaits!