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What the fuck happened to my awesome job - rant

I love my job. Adore it. So happy. I mean, yeah, I'd like more money and yeah it's sometimes stressful but it's the good kind of stress, you know? Productive stress. And the money is average for this area so I don't have cause to complain.

I'm being very careful here because the consequences of getting doxxed here would be awful. Basically, my lovely company who is supportive and has a great culture and such is contracted by a Large Corporation to carry out a corporate social responsibility program which helps special individuals, which is what I work full time on. The representative of LC who officially runs the program is our client, so effectively the big boss above my actual boss. I will call my actual boss E. Since I started LC has been thrilled with my work, I've exceeded all my targets and everything has been like a dream.

So we recently had an event that I think went ok. A few hiccups here and there, but the guests were happy, the awards were given out and nobody died or complained. I think that is a successful event, but then it was my first ever event. I was in charge of live tweeting and looking after the participants. My schedule was minute by minute and I was told by E not to deviate from it under any circumstances.


20 mins before we started travelling to go to the event, LC suddenly emails essentially saying 'I hate everything you've been doing on Twitter lately. You need to re-do the strategy before the event.' I'm shortening it, but I'm not exaggerating the tone. And she didn't just email me, she emailed everyone on our team, even though she knows it's my responsibility. So, the journey there I'm desperately scribbling away new ideas and hashtags and key messages she suddenly wants, and try to stick to that as opposed to the one I've been planning for weeks. We do the event, it's my job to both tweet throughout the day and make sure the participants are where they're meant to be at specific times. I managed it, even though the Important People (a colleagues responsibility) were waaaay behind time, and the people I was essentially babysitting kept sneaking off for cigs or literally sleeping in the corridor. But, I did it. We have the awards ceremony and I get grilled by somebody demanding to know why various things have changed to do with the project and I give out the PR answer perfectly. I carry on tweeting and get a fantastic response. My colleagues look stressed and I keep asking if there's anything I can do and they say no, they're fine thank you, keep it up, tweets are great! And then, after a Big Thing is announced my Twitter blows up and I'm tweeting as fast as I can without making typos, and I reply to a tweet from one of the Important People to other Important People, and I thank them too. Within a minute LC walks over. "Why have you thanked This Person for being an Important Person?' She's practically yelling at me in front of guests and the team. I look. I didn't realize that some guy that got sacked from our team years ago and is on my do not engage list has elbowed his way into the conversation and his twitter handle is on one of the tweets. I immediately apologise and delete it, and ignore his smug reply, which is visible to nobody but us.

The next day, I get a text from my boss saying LC hated all my tweets. Thought they were awkward and concerning. I'd got the impression all day that she didn't like me for whatever reason, so I was pretty upset. I was stuck in the city all day so spent ages walking round a tourist attraction using their free wifi to tweet, occasionally bursting into tears because I was so exhausted and disappointed in myself, and I couldn't see how my tweets were anything but what she'd asked for. Then I made a stupid spelling error and LC sent a screenshot to my boss. So that's it, I'm not allowed to tweet any more. If I want to send a tweet, I have to send it to my boss, who checks it and posts it herself. I didn't even have to do this on my first day. I am the social media manager. It's humiliating.

And it gets worse. A few days later my boss, the CEO of my company and LC are all having a conference call. CEO's headset breaks so she comes into our office, and my boss puts LC on speaker phone and they continue. I feel really awkward because we've had meetings since where it's been made obvious that LC hated my work, and a colleague has suggested that I slacked off my duties, despite me asking her if she needed help at several points. So they're having this conference call and boss points out to LC that she's on speaker in the office, but that doesn't stop LC from then saying.........

'I jut wanted to bring up a serious concern I have, which is Floreat. I'm very unhappy with the tweets and the PR disaster we had concerning That Person, and it seems like she had a lot of free time where she was doing a lot of waiting about and going on her phone. The timings were all wrong and I feel like the failure of the event was largely down to her actions, she'd arranged nothing for the judges gifts, I heard her talking negatively about the company and the recent changes, and I think we need to consider her place within the team.'


In front of the whole office. And my boss and CEO just sat there and let it continue. Afterwards they apologized loads and said they'd email her and clarify that I was tweeting when I was on my phone, waiting for Participants to finish their tasks so I could take them back to the waiting area, that I was never made responsible for the judges gifts, and that I was discussing the changes in response to intense questioning from an Important Person. But they said nothing when she was saying all this and I've honestly never been so humiliated and hurt in my life. Everyone kept telling me I was doing well on the day, the response on Twitter was better than we expected - it feels like they're all trying to cover their arses and blame the new person for the various things that apparently went wrong with the event, most of which I didn't hear about until later.

They keep telling me that my job is safe and that LC is just like that and it will all be forgotten soon, but I'm still not allowed to tweet. It takes too long for my boss to get back to me about whether my tweets are appropriate, so I have nothing to do. So I've been filling in job applications. On company time. Because fuck them.


I just don't understand what happened. I don't understand why LC suddenly went for me like that. She's pregnant and hormonal, is the response I keep getting from people, but that feels like misogynistic bitches be crazy to me. People keep saying things like "she doesn't realize how YOUNG you are" but still nobody can tell me what I actually did wrong except for that accidental retweet, which was hardly a PR disaster, unless you know that That Person was sacked and why. And very few do. I mean, Jesus Christ, it got no engagement and was deleted in less than two minutes. It's not like it was picked up by the Daily Mail or anything. They can't tell me why my tweeting was so concerning or awkward, and when I pointed out that it was based on a brand new strategy I'd been forced to write, they just go straight back to the bitches be crazy shrug. I worked so hard, I'd prepared, been nervous, been excited, practiced this event for months. I don't want to sound like the person who can't take any criticism, but all the criticism is practically made up.

Can anyone shed light on this? Without telling me about hormones?

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