Hey GT,

As always, a brief explanation of my deal I have neurocardiogenic syncope, and can't regulate my stupidly low blood pressure on my own.

The GREAT news is that I've not been hospitalized in five months for this. I've been able to prevent any major episodes of fainting just by listening to my body and resting and hydrating, etc, for a few months. Prior to that, I was having episodes constantly for a little over a year. But I was doing SO well. I haven't had to miss work. I've been able to drive!

Until Monday. My bp dropped low at work, and a coworker brought me home and then picked me up to go to work the next morning. And yeah, I was fine yesterday. But late this morning, I started feeling lethargic, so I checked my BP. A bit low. It was almost time for my meds, so I took my meds and ate some soup. And my BP dropped lower. And lower. I had to call my roommate for a ride home.


Then I got hysterical, because if I didn't take any more than 2.5 hours off between now and July, I could go home to New England for a whole week and a day in July! I haven't been home since pre-embolism!

So now I'm upset as fuck, stuck in the house, kind of stupid (I can't always think clearly with low BP), and stressing over how I'm going to get to work tomorrow. Could I have gifs, stupid jokes, youtubes, and choruses of Soft Kitty?