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What the fuck is cookin'?

JFC, this whole week; no, month. So many moving targets for us to shoot at from this “Administration.” How about they all “administer” some common fucking sense & faith in the ideals of Democracy and checks & balances? How about they all reign in the Dangerous Doofus in Chief? Oh, wait. When he’s surrounded by White Supremacist, fundy assholes, that’s kinda off the table.

I need to turn to the food table; how about you? Cranking the music & cooking keeps me sane these days,


I dug these little necks right before the snowstorm last week. The cherry stones & surf clams went in to a chowdah. With bread dipped in the broth, these little ones with a cabernet & a salad....delicious. Me & Mr. 4th ate them on Valentine’s Day.

I cooked a ton of things over the weekend, so I had leftovers tonight. Chicken noodle soup. What’s cookin’ in your house? How are you all doing?

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