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What the fuck is going on with this poster?

I just encountered this posted on a pole.

Transcribed to the best of my abilities it says:

Ralph McDaniel Will Teach You To Fuck An R&B Bitch

Whether you're hoping to bag a has-been (word I can't read) like T.I.'s "Tiny", some young trim jailbait (???) like Rihanna, or perhaps the daughter of some old skool ho, like say Adina Howard. Uncle Ralph teaches you the ins and outs of hitting that bitch's Video Music Box just right. Call 212.555.6900 and talk to Ralph about scheduling your first (???). Offer is not valid for the Queen Mrs. Mary J. Blige.






EXTREMELY IMPORTANT UPDATE: (Presumably faux) Ralph McDaniels has rudely REFUSED BRIMSG's request to get her R&B bitches!!!

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