Tumblr has a rep for being home of especially radical SJW. Even as a feminist, I've never felt comfortable with the extreme positions that are so common on the site, and muttered more than a few "well fuck you too" over certain popular posts that are basically brutal bashing of female characters dressed up as concrit.

But lately it seems like MRA posts are getting more and more common. What the fuck is going on? I keep seeing super shitty posts whining about the EEEEEEEEEBIL feminazi, and they usually get at least enough notes to show up under "more popular."

I'll post one single, quick and small example of what I mean.


About-faces restored a bit of my faith in humanity by writing the only decent reply to that shitstorm of a post, but people keep reblogging it as "proof" that men are victimized by evil SJW.

Now, if this were an isolated incident, I'd shrug and move on. But this is just one of an increasingly large number of posts on Tumblr that are creepily similar to the infamous GamerGate. Can't even browse Nu!Thor tag without seeing tons of people bitch and whine over "pandering." The feminist tag is likewise getting more and more posts that are feminism bashing.

What is going on? Did Reddit run out of room and its users are spilling over?