I live in a subdevelopment in a suburb. There is no reason for anyone to be shooting CANNONS in my neighborhood, but that's what it sounds like.

I heard three BOOM!s in the middle of the night. At first, I thought that BigStupidDog fell out of bed, like he sometimes does (it was unexpected and jolted me from a sleepy state). But then I remembered that if that happened, I wouldn't hear it if he's downstairs, and he wouldn't make the house shake. At about 2am, roomie texted me to ask if I heard the noises, but I was asleep at that point. This morning she said that it happened six times between 1 and 4 in the morning. There were no more until about 11am, and nothing since then.

She initially thought it was an explosion in the furnace, and got up to check that. Later, she determined it was coming from outside, but we have no fucking clue what it was. I don't want to go ask the neighbor because he makes me super uncomfortable, but I know roomie knows the son a bit, so maybe she'll ask when she gets home. She told me to call her if I heard it again, but hell if I know what either of us will do about it.

Do I call anyone to report this? One in particular last night SHOOK everything a bit. The one this morning made all my stuff in my room rattle. I assume I slept through it because I grew accustomed to heavy artillery drills at all hours when we lived just off a military base. Frankly, this is what some of those drills sounded like.

Google led me to this, which isn't helpful, and also to this, which has delightfully delusional comments. It's APPARENTLY people making tunnels to escape the wrath of God and also government tunnels. (Prob lizard people?) I don't even know what that site is. I'm very confused but can't stop reading.

It was rather similar to this sound.

I should clarify: this sounds like it's immediately outside the house to me. Roomie said "outside and to the left," but I honestly have no fucking idea which direction she means. South of the house? It sounds to me like it's coming from the NW corner of the house.