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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What. The. Hell?!

I found out this morning that we’re now deploying three THAAD in South Korea, with the blessing of a president who is awaiting certain impeachment (the SK president, not ours even though he does fit the bill). I hadn’t even seen this on my first check of national news sources. I found it on BBC and had finally found an NPR article several hours later. This system is less than 150 miles from my daughter and her husband. She called me tonight and said the people close to the installation are panicking, China is giving them the side eye and of course the North would like to blow them to kingdom come.

I was hoping to visit them in June but now my daughter is afraid it won’t be safe. She wanted to visit here this summer originally but I had told her the same, for visa reasons. Could we get some lawmakers off their asses and just impeach 45 already? I’m certain he’s committed at least 3 offenses that would hold up and he’s making families miserable worldwide.


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