So the school year is winding down, and the first draft of our report cards are due to the office on June 9. Next Friday is a PD day, that we get to write report cards on. So naturally, everyone is scrambling to finish stuff up so we have something to base our marks on.

And what does our Principal do? He schedules workshops this coming week for the entire staff on a document about assessment and evaluation that the Province put out (Each division on a different day). At this late date, it's too late to really apply anything we might learn from this workshop to how we assign grades for our kids. Also the workshop is during the school day, so if you had something last minute that you wanted to do with your class that morning, you're out of luck. Why couldn't this have waited until next Sept or something? Or at least waited a week until the reports were finished?

To top it off, we also have a Literacy Day scheduled for Wed. where all the students are leaving their classrooms and being rotated through workshops on various literacy topics put on by the classroom teachers. (When that was scheduled we said we thought it was a bad idea, but were told it was the only time it would fit the schedule.)

So basically, they are eating up a day and half of our classroom time at a critical time of year. We also had an Asian heritage month assembly last Friday, which ate up another 2 periods.