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What The Hell Are You Guys Smoking Up In My Comment Threads.

OK you guise knoooww me. I make teh funnies. (Although I'm sure there are more than a few of you out there right now going UGH YOU ARE NOT FUCKING FUNNY I WANT TO PUNCH EVERY STUPID COMMENT OF YOURS IN THE GUT AND BURY IT. I know. I'm the worst. Take your meds). Sometimes teh funny is FUNNY. And sometimes it's a little "meh." Sometimes you don't get it. . It's all good.

But this. I just. Don't even know. Whut. To. Say.

I mean seriously did these guys REALLY think I thought this was a 5LB BAG OF COCAINE? Whut??? Really. Seriously?


Oof. Seriously. You guys. Whoa.

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