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What the hell do I do with this kitten?

​So, I'm sitting in my office and I hear this constant meowing coming from outside. I look out and see this tiny kitten shivering and so cold, so I scoop it up, bring it inside and let it snuggle in a box with a towel in it. I CAN'T KEEP THIS KITTEN YA'LL! I already have a cat who does not play well with others. It's the day before Thanksgiving, all of the rescue places I've called can't take it for another week or so and I'm leaving to go out of town in about 4 hours.

Anyone in Houston want a kitten? I will deliver. (no, really I will)

UPDATE: The lovelyHRHDuchessNapsalot has agreed to take the sweet kitty!!! You are truly the best person ever!!!!!!


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