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We’ve been having a ton of work done on our property the last few weeks, working with a pretty good landscape crew, and today is the big day we get our grass in! We’re both thrilled. The crew showed up at 6:15 so they could get it in before the heat really picked up, shuttled half the pallet of sod into the back yard, then...disappeared. Just gone. Almost two hours ago. LordSparrow texted the head guy more than an hour ago and hasn’t heard back. I am so confused. Also, a little worried for all that grass just piled up out there, drying out as the temperature rises toward our predicted high of 105. We’re both starting to get concerned something might have happened to one of them because we can’t think of any other logical explanation. They’ve already put in so much work here, I can’t imagine them just taking off for no reason.

So, the head landscaper just finally called LordSparrow back after over three hours. The ground was too wet for them to lay the sod and they’re going to do to later. So they just left. Without saying anything and with a pallet of sod obstructing the sidewalk in front of our house. Then didn’t answer the phone or return texts for more than three hours. I don’t even know how to handle this information. What the actual fuck? I was right here in the living room, I would have known if they’d knocked or rung the bell. I am so freaking annoyed. He said the sod will be totally fine until they get back so I shouldn’t go water it like I was just on my way out to do.


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