One of my students flew into a rage today and attempted to kick the Principal in the balls today. KICK. PRINCIPAL. BALLS.

I don't understand. This kid is usually a sweetie. Impulsive and a bit hyper, but generally a happy kid. The last couple of days he's been off. The kids have been stuck inside all day due to the cold weather lately. And last week they were stuck inside because the yard was a solid sheet of ice.

Yesterday he lost his temper, and tried to attack another kid, after he stepped on the other boy, and the boy called him a name. I had to send the other boy into the next classroom over, and even then, I had to stand with my back against the door to stop him from following. At that point he started punching me. He was removed from the class, saw the VP, and was brought back almost immediately. Like before I could fill in the office referral form to detail what he did, they were trying to send him back. I told them no, and he ended up in another class until the end of the day.

Talked to his Dad last night, and Dad indicated that they had trouble with him losing his temper at home, and asked for tips. I gave a few suggestions, and said I would put together some more info for them.

Today he refused to join the class on the carpet, and sat in the corner reading a book. I decided it was a pick your battles moment, and let him. At snack time, he joined us, but was a bit disruptive while I was reading a story. I asked him if he needed to sit next to me, and he said "yes", so I had him come and sit beside me, and he settled down a fair bit, but felt the need to sit really close to me. Like sitting between my feet close.


After lunch, he got disruptive. I tried giving him choices of where he would sit, gave him fidget toys, but no matter what I did, he would randomly jump up and start running around the room. Or start singing loudly. Or making other noises. I gave him the choice of going to sit I the class next door to settle. He refused. I told him that his choice now was to sit quietly or go to the office, since he was making it impossible for me to do anything with the rest of the class. When he disrupted again, I told him to go to the office, and he threw himself on the floor and started screaming that he didn't want to go.

I paged the office to ask for help, and he started hitting and pushing me. I dashed off an office referral form, and sent a kid with it to the office. Then the boy ran off down the hall.


Apparently after that, a male teacher intercepted him in on the stairs, and tried to carry him to the office. The kid was so out of control, that the teacher couldn't carry him alone, and when the Principal came to help, that's when the kid was trying to kick him in the balls. They got him to the office, and still couldn't handle him. He hit the Spec Ed teacher in the face. They paged the Special Needs Assistant for help, and we could hear him screaming in the background over the PA. He bit the SNA when she came. Apparently he was screaming that he wanted to go back to the classroom the whole time he was in the office until his mother came to get him.

I'm wondering if part of what made him go nuts today, is that he was feeling like I had rejected him yesterday, and his acting up was a misguided attempt to ensure my attention? It would account for why he wanted to sit between my feet, and why he was screaming about wanting to go back to class in the office.


I gotta say though, given how little support I got last year I got from the Principal last year when I filed 10 violent incident reports in less than a month, I'm finding it hard to suppress the feeling of schadenfreude at the fact this kid was trying to kick him in the balls.

I find it fascinating that the Principal never once asked to meet with me over the kid who was punching me in the arm right after I had blood work done, or was throwing scissors at me, but wanted to meet with me ASAP after a kid tried to kick him in the balls.


AND when I went to the office, he was unavailable. And when he became available, the VP (the useless one left over from last year. The new one who is better was away today) wasn't, so they told me to meet with them tomorrow morning. Great. I don't know when that will happen, since I'm sure we'll be having indoor recess tomorrow. I guess I go in early, and hope to meet with them before the bell, so I don't get pulled away from my class again this week.