Spacer photo! The pic of my face that’s after the cut isn’t nasty/graphic, just don’t want my mug all over GT front page. I just don’t know what’s going on with the skin around my nose. I have never had skin problems, ever. I am incredibly lucky in that I only have ever gotten one pimple a month at the onset of my period, and rarely do I ever have dryness. I usually use Lush’s “Let the Good Times Roll” facial cleanser, their lavender toner, and a Sephora brand moisturizer at night. Now, I’m all dry and flaky yet somehow pimply at the same time. I bought an acne cream at walgreens, and I have tried putting aquaphor on the very dry parts, but I feel like one is just canceling out the other? What else should I try? I would go see a dermatologist if I had health insurance right now. >_< I quit hormonal birth control a few months back, and I’m just getting out of a course of strong steroids for a bad respiratory infection. I don’t know if either one could be causing me to have skin issues. Okay. Commence no makeup weird rash selfie: