Nothing like a little birthday harrasment on public transportation!

My boyfriend has to be gone today — mah birfday — for a friend’s bachelorette party/ bridal shower so we went out last night instead. We grabbed dinner and went to see Trainwreck, which was my revenge for having to see approximately 18 Marvel movies since we started dating. It was really funny and we both had a good time.

Got on the bus to head home and people got WEIRD. We were standing in the back of the bus and this group of girls got on and just acted fucking bizarre the entire time. One of them kept bumping me from behind, which I wrote off as you know, standing on a moving bus, but whatever. I heard them talk shit because after it happened a lot I moved my wallet to my front pocket. At one point she nudged me over so she was the only one using the bar to hold onto. Weird. Later she actually felt my hair, then slapped my ass and commented on it on her way off the bus. Then her friends who stayed behind talked shit about me the entire rest of the ride and basically acted like a nasty pack of bitches until we got off. Talking shit about my hair color, about the amount (and color) of dick they thought I was getting, comparing me to Miley Cyris because of my blue hair? and just being awful. I get that its Friday night, but in what way is this acceptable behavior? I never said a word to these girls.

Seriously, people need to get a life. Happy fucking birthday to me.