Just got home from dropping Little off at school. It’s a 20 mile round trip and my route choices are either the freeway or one of two of our area’s busiest main streets during rush hour. Any path I take is full of brain dead self-involved morons. This morning alone I got caught behind six different idiots blissfully rolling down the center lane ten or more mph under the limit. One delightful person just had to slam on their brakes every time the car in front of them slowed the tiniest bit. Another jackass turned left into my lane so close in front of me I had to hit my breaks hard (despite the road behind me being completely open) then continued on going 20 mph under the limit. Of course I couldn’t pass them because traffic in the other lane was too dense and fast, plus I was worried about missing my upcoming turn. This is, of course, on top of all the garden variety dick weeds out in full force. People must be distracted by the damage from last night’s storm, I guess. The roads are clear of debris at least.