It is entirely my own fault that I woke up with a hangover... No, that I woke up still drunk, which turned into a hangover on a weekday. But I have an absurd amount of sick days and have been destroying it at work, so I gave myself the day off. My boyfriend, also hungover, decides that he needs to go to work despite my temptations - he hasn't been working there that long and wants to maintain a good record of attendance as long as possible.

I respect that and commend him for it.

I'm productive and I get shit done. In the middle of the day: boyfriend comes home. He told work that he was "sick" so he could leave and go play golf.

This turns into an argument. I'm annoyed that the "good attendance" line seemingly only applies to me and not his buddies. This also eggs on my existing resentment towards him that he'll plan activities - actual outings - with his pals, but as a couple it's turned into a long series of nights on the couch, serial watching television shows though I've told him, a few times now, that this is a serious / growing issue for me.

And then this...

I am upset. So I grab a change of clothes and go into the bathroom (we're in a loft so the bathroom is the only private area). He knocks on the door and asks if he can come in; I say no that I'm changing; he makes a comment about "is he not allowed to see me naked now" and opens the door and comes in. And this is where I lose my shit: I very specifically and audibly said "no, you cannot come in" and he ignores me, and I yell at him, make him leave, and slam the door. He makes a comment that I'm "crazy." [1]


I change and leave the house for a walk. When I get back he's gone with his golf bag.

I want to throw things, and this definitely is not helping the relationship (or my hangover) in anyway.


[1] Yeah - absolutely 100% not okay. This will definitely be an "enjoyable" conversation addressing this.