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What the what?

Does anyone remember this?

I was just chatting with my office mate about I Love New York, as ya do, and we got headed down this, Remember classic reality shows? path and he mentioned a reality show that he described as “Lord of the Rings on a ranch.” I had no idea what he was talking about. He told me to google “reality show kids lord of the rings.”

And guess what? This was really a thing! Apparently, there was a show in 2007 that put 40 kids in the middle of nowhere with “minimal adult supervision” and tried to get them to set up a civilization. It was called Kid Nation.


I can’t believe this was a thing! Who would send their kids across the country to live with a bunch of strangers?!

One excerpt from the above article:

Parents “signed away their rights to sue the network and the show’s producers if their child died, was severely injured, or contracted a sexually transmitted disease during the program’s taping” and “gave consent to CBS and its production partners to make medical treatment decisions on the minor’s behalf (including surgery), though the network made no promises about the ‘qualifications or credentials’ of medical professionals.”



“Contracted a sexually transmitted disease” on a kids show?! And people signed this?!


Does anybody here remember this? I had never heard of it!

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