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What things are you doing that you just feel you have to?

Let's share some not so horrible, but perhaps boring or just tedious things.

Right now, I've imposed upon myself a minimum translation goal so I can finally tackle this poem I've been meaning to work on. It's pretty long - 76 stanzas in 18th century Icelandic (which means a lot of words don't show up in modern dictionaries because they're archaic), so super fun and super frustrating (I can spend half an hour or more trying to track down an obsolete word). It's a cool poem, but damn it, now I have to set myself a couple hours a day to do either 15 lines a day (at that rate it'll take me just under 40 days to complete) or 3 stanzas a day (at that rate it'll take just shy of a month). Glad I'm doing it, just not enjoying the process so much.

On the plus side I'm planning a few fun with etymology pieces to roll out this summer, which I'm greatly looking forward to. Should have one this coming week.


What about you all?

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