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What to ask a potential roommate?

I’ll be moving to NYC late this summer, and have sort of started looking for a place. It’s a little early since openings right now are for June/July - and I’d like to start in August. But it’s good, I think, to look now to help abate some of my anxiety about moving and to also give me a sense as to what is out there.

I met some grad students from Hunter college a couple of weekends ago, and they suggested looking for a sublet to give me a chance to move there with minimal hassle and to give me time to get the lay of the land before finding my more permanent house. So I’ve been scouring the Listings Project (thank you to whomever suggested that!!!) and craigslist.

Some of the sublets I am looking at involve roommates. I had really wanted to avoid that, but it’s probably better to not rule it out. But, I haven’t lived with a roommate for quite some time - so I’m not sure what I should ask prospective roommates or things I should think about in terms of compatibility. I am presenting at a conference at the end of June, and my mentor and I are sharing an airbnb - so that will help me get a sense as to how I do living with someone again.


For those of you who have lived with roomies - what are your words of wisdom in this search?

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