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So, I'm a teacher. Well, kinda. My last position wasn't really mine. My boss had to get rid of me for a lady who wanted her position back after 2 years. Fine, whatever, union rules.

But now I'm without a job. And every interview I went on, the principals would seem suuuper psyched and say things like, "I really hope we can work this out!"


Which confused me, because really, isn't it on them? It wasn't until an old VP who needed someone to fill a position laid to it me straight: you're expensive and I've been told to avoid people with masters.

And everything clicked into place. All the job postings said "BA preferred", I—with great letters and good school districts—only got interviews 20% of applications, and principals saying they hoped they could work it out.

School starts soon and I'm fucked.

So what do I do? Double down and get Sped certified (it's always been a dream, and hey, I finally have the time)? Find a new job? Tutor until someone gets pregnant and they need a long term sub?


I love teaching, but am at a loss...

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