This may be a bit too heavy a topic for all you American Thanksgivingers, so apologies in advance.

Fortunately, I don't have a real life situation here, but I am looking for resources. As you may know, NightDude does work about engaging men in ending violence against women. Lots of this is focused on talking with men on how they can intervene or stand up if they hear sexist jokes, see a potential sexualized assault, etc.

Lately, people have been asking him for resources on what to do if they suspect a friend/family member is abusing his partner (I'm using gendered pronouns because of the nature of NightDude's work—obviously there can be abuse in same-sex relationships, and men can be abused by women too). There's lots of great info out there on what to do if you think your friend is being abused, but he hasn't been able to find much about what to do if you think your friend is an abuser. There's some stuff like this, but not much else.

So I turn to you, the great and powerful Hivemind. Do you know of any articles/resources? Something that could be handed out, or something that could be used in interactive workshops? Any tips from personal or professional life?