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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What to do when it's not clinical, but it's def depression?

Life, y'all. Beats the hell out of me to handle it sometimes. I think I'm kind of slowly spiraling down into a depressive state, and as with all things depression-related, what I want to do (um, not much... no, basically nothing) is completely counter-productive.

So when you know you're heading into a "down in the dumps" depression, what do you do to keep it from going into the full downward spiral? Would anti-depressives even be an option here? I mean, we all know I've had some major shit go down this year, and I think it's just finally hit me in a way that is not in the least bit surprising, but I've never dealt with situational depression, just clinical (of the post-partum variety).


Fix my life? Pretty sure you're up to it and have done it before.

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