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What to do when you don't like things about your SO

Sorry for flooding the group with my inane posts all night. I'm just home and bored as hell with the semester being over and everything. My counselor strongly suggested that I find active things to do, but considering how broke I am, I'm kind of at a loss. So with nothing to do, I just start thinking about all sorts of things.

But before I jump into this, if anyone has suggestions for cheap or free things to do to keep myself busy, PLEASE let me know. Preferably things that are more active as opposed to just reading and stuff. I'm actually considering taking up knitting.

Anyway, when you don't like things about your SO. What to do.

I'm not talking about big, major things, like his political or social views or anything like that. It's little shit. For example, Consort is fidgety. He's always tapping his foot or his fingers or moving in some way. When he has his arm around me or is holding my hand, he'll rub or scratch my arm or rub his thumb on my hand. Sometimes he'll, like, pick lint or shit off of my clothes. It honestly drives me nuts. I think part of the reason is because my stepdad is the same way (yes there's a stepdad. He's not in the picture. Him and mom are separated) and he was super controlling, so it might just be triggering some weird response.


But I don't know what to do about it! Because it's so not a big deal, it's not something I want to, like, have a massive discussion over. So I won't say anything about it and then we'll be hanging out on a couch and he'll start picking at/rubbing/scratching at my arm and I just snap and grab his hand and am like "STOP. NOW." And then I feel bad cuz he feels bad for bothering me and...ugh. I don't know why it bothers me so much. I don't mind at all that he's fidgety as long as he's not touching me. When he's tapping his foot or whatever it doesn't affect me. But if he's touching me and not completely still while doing so (with the exception of sexytimes, obviously) it makes me insane.

Anyone else have things about their SO that bother them? Little things like what I just mentioned? The hell do you do about it? Is there even a way to constructively talk about it? Or is even the concept of talking about it absolutely ridiculous?

Luckily he's awesome in every other way, it's just the fidgeting.

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